Understanding The Advantages Of Robotic Surgery

Reasons To Consider Robotic Surgery By The da Vinci System

Robotic-assisted surgery may sound like a robot does your surgery, such as a robotic hysterectomy. But, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our highly-trained surgeons still perform your surgery. They control the robotic arms to reach places that are difficult for hands alone to get to.

The da Vinci Surgical System is known as robotic-assisted surgery. It allows surgeons to use a smaller cut than regular surgical incisions. It also reduces the risk of trauma and infection. But, it also has many other health advantages.

How Does Da Vinci Surgery Work?

The da Vinci system has three main parts. It has a mechanical arm, the surgical instruments attached to it, and a camera arm. The camera arm is the part that magnifies the surgical site. The magnification gives the surgeon a high-definition, 3D image view.

You can find these parts on a cart with a console. Through the console, our surgeon does the surgery and talks with his assistants during the operation.

During surgery, when the surgeon is at the console, they will see the surgical site on-screen. They can see better on the screen compared to when looking at the actual site. They then control the robotic arms with more precision. This is better than using hands alone during manual surgery.

What Are The Benefits Of Robotic Surgery?

You can opt to have robotic-assisted surgery at Atlanta Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists, with the da Vinci system. Here are the benefits of doing so:

  • Faster healing time. With a less-invasive incision, the recovery time is quicker. With this, you will have a shorter stay in the hospital and return to your daily activities sooner.
  • There is less chance of post-surgical consequences. You will experience less pain and less bleeding. Your risk for infection after surgery is also lower. Cases of needing blood transfusions are also rare.

Benefits For Your Surgeon

  • Surgeon has a very vivid picture of your problem. The surgeon can see inside in much greater detail than possible with the naked eye. This will help the doctor recognize your situation. The doctor may be able to see any other issue that may not be clear earlier.
  • Surgeons have an enhanced range of motion. The special tools at the end of the arm allow for more refined movements than possible by hand. The surgeon controls these fine instruments by hand at the console. It transforms hand movements to micromovements with tremor-filtering. The tremor-filtering then removes the natural movement of the hands.
  • The conversion to open surgery is rare. Seldom when surgeons make incisions, unforeseen problems that need open surgery occur. This rarely happens with the da Vinci system.

What Are The Common Conditions Treated Using Da Vinci Surgery?

Gynecologic surgery is one of the most common uses of Da Vinci Surgery. Besides this, there is a wide range of conditions that no longer need major incisions in surgery. Here are some of the surgeries the da Vinci method is also beneficial for:

  • Heart surgery for minimally invasive valve repair.
  • Colorectal surgery for rectal cancer and rectal prolapses.
  • Neck and head surgery for cosmetic procedures and facial and neck problems.
  • Urologic surgery for cancerous and benign issues.
  • Endometriosis surgery for hysterectomies and pelvic reconstruction.
  • Thoracic surgery for lung or esophageal cancer and benign conditions.

Whatever surgery you need, the da Vinci system may be your best choice. Think about a more precise incision and less bleeding and pain. You also have a quicker time to get back to your active life.

Do you have any questions about the system? You can give us a call for more information and see if you qualify for robotic surgery.