Five Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Da Vinci Surgical System In Atlanta

Five Facts About The Da Vinci Surgical System In Atlanta

Robotic surgery, such as robotic hysterectomy in Atlanta, is a remarkable advancement in the area of surgical operations. The da Vinci Surgical System is a less invasive surgical operation versus open surgery. The da Vinci System includes highly magnified, high-definition 3D pictures of the surgical area. Unlike traditional surgical options, this can be done using only small incisions from the best OBGYN in Atlanta, GA.

The use of robotic surgery has significantly reduced the need for open-incision surgery. The procedure may look to be carried out by a robot, but this is not the case.  Robotics gives the surgeon a greater range of motion.

In medical facilities worldwide, almost two million da Vinci procedures have been done since the introduction of robotic surgery. Here are some facts regarding the da Vinci System.

5 Interesting Facts About The Da Vinci Surgical System

  1. The da Vinci Surgical System was introduced in 2000 and was the first robotic surgery system to receive FDA approval for general minimally invasive surgery. Surgeons have made significant progress with robotic surgeries since then, with less invasive surgeries for urology and gynecological procedures. For both patients and surgeons, robotically assisted technology is entirely safe and successful.
  1. Scarring is minimal because the surgical system only requires two or three tiny incisions. The small incisions reduce the risk of infection and heal faster. Without the da Vinci System,  hysterectomies require large incisions that are more invasive.
  1. Incredible precision is possible. The da Vinci System allows surgeons to make more precise movements. Our surgeon controls the robotic instruments and manipulates them to perform exact movements with a wider range of motions within a small incision. This is possible because of the high-definition, 3D view our surgeon gets from inside the body.
  1. Robotic surgeries are Ideal for gynecologic procedures such as uterine fibroids, excessive menstrual bleeding, hysterectomies, and endometriosis.
  1. Due to the small incision, patients recover much faster than traditional surgeries. It may only take two or three days before you return to your daily routine, depending on the surgery. Another advantage of robotic surgery is that you may not have to take as much pain medication as in an open surgical procedure.

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