What To Expect With Menopause

What To Expect With Menopause

Menopause is a natural stage in every woman’s life. Menopause begins when the ovaries discontinue producing estrogen. Menopause is often referred to as “The Change,” and here at Atlanta Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists, we are dedicated to helping women experience The Change with comfort.

The Early Signs Of Menopause

As early as 35 to 45 years, the amount of estrogen your ovaries produce starts to decrease, which will result in a shift in your cycle. Your period may become heavier or lighter than usual during perimenopause, and the duration between periods may become shorter or longer. This is normal and not cause for any worry. However, if you are experiencing unusually heavy bleeding, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your doctor.
After your cycle ends, it is common to experience some of the following:

  • Hot flashes
  • Difficulty sleeping and/or staying asleep
  • Sweating during the night
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Slowing metabolism which may result in weight gain
  • Mood swings

Women may experience none, some or all of the above. Because every woman has a unique experience with menopause, we recommend speaking with your doctor for the most accurate information. However, here are some common questions we have received regarding menopause:

Does Menopause Come With Health Risks?

There are specific health risks that affect older women, but they can be lessened or avoided if detected early by our Atlanta, GA, gynecologists.

Risks include loss of bone density, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels. These concerns can be significantly reduced with the latest research and technology contributing to medications and treatments.

Are There Any Treatments To Help Reduce Or Eliminate Menopausal Symptoms?

It is important to remember that all women experience menopause differently, and menopause as a whole is not inherently a bad thing that requires treatment. However, for some women, how they experience menopause may bring them discomfort. We work with our patients to ensure we provide them with the best care and options to keep them comfortable. We take the time to hear about your symptoms, concerns, and questions.

We Provide The Best Care For Every Woman, During Every Stage Of Life

You may be wondering who are the best gynecologists near me in Atlanta. At Atlanta Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists, we do our best to provide the best care for all women while they are experiencing this natural change. Call us now for a consultation, whether you’re looking for individualized treatment or simply just want to learn more.